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Please note, you must be medically clear for general exercise where an existing condition or injury exists. It is your responsibility to ensure suitability prior to purchase. Any questions, please contact me first.

A Month of On Demand Workouts

  • 31Days
  • 2Steps


A variety of workouts and durations for convenient, home use. Workouts include: Mind Body Beats 25mins Total Body Workout 25mins Conscious Conditioning 20mins Core Blast 15mins PiYo Stretch & Flow Mash Up 30mins Abs 20mins Towel Mobility 20mins Full Body Gentle Stretch 25mins Stretch Mobility 25mins Yoga Flow 30mins Bodyweight Workout 25mins Retro Robics 20mins Accelerator 15mins MindBody Flow 15mins Long Bands Express Core 15mins Chill Hop Flow 20mins PiYo Modified 30mins Mini Mobility- shoulders 15mins BandsWeights 25mins Long Bands 25mins Abs Blast 1 15mins Abs Blast 2 20mins Pilates Abs Blast 15mins Pilates Intervals 20mins Chilled Pilates Mobility 30mins Walking Workout 15mins Walkfit 1-6 15mins each Mind Body Beats Yoga Flow 20min Other workouts added as and when available. Bonus access to older, lower quality but useable Zoom class recordings from lockdowns. Older recordings include: Pilates, PiYo, Transform etc.,

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