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Worried about joining me in class or online? Then take a look at some feedback from real clients!


You can read more reviews from real clients on my Facebook page and Google on the links here:
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Client Testimonials

Lift Testimonials

“PiYo is different it is designed to totally transform your body without unnecessary strain on your joints.The intensity level of the class can be altered based on your ability and you can modify every move to suit. I love it and look forward to going every week. The music and moves change regularly and Di is great teacher, coach and keeps an eye on your form. There is just the right level of encouragement and the social aspect of meeting every week is another bonus. You won’t find a better class or teacher, give it a go”

Pauline H

Exercise Class

"I have attended Zumba, PiYo and PiYo Stretch and Flow with Dianne. She is an amazing teacher/coach with an abundance of patience. Humour also plays a big part - exercising is so much easier when you are laughing.”I should also mention that we are a mixed age group - with a few of us over 60! #ageisnobarriertofitness 😂

Karen F

“Initially I attended one of Dianne’s PiYo Stretch and Flow classes and then her PiYo class thinking I would only do one class a week but wanted to try both.... few months later I can’t give them up! Both classes amazing. Stretch and flow is much slower a class but you still feel huge benefits and you can take time to perfect the moves. Very encouraging instructor without being pushy and plenty modifications if you find any of it beyond your ability. Also she builds your confidence to push that little bit more each week. Don’t knock it until you try it .....I did and I love it !”

Linda M

Girl in Forward Fold

I have been going to Dianne’s PIYO class for 2 years (is that right??) and I love the fact that you can push yourself as much as you want and see results. When I started I had been an addicted runner but had to give this up due to a  chronically bad lower back and had to accept my runners were retired! I think this was partly due to a weak core (& pavement pounding!!), I can’t say that this has been improved just from piyo but I am now pain free. I couple piyo with yoga and horse riding and see the results. Dianne’s teaching is fantastic, she reminds us of our position, encourages and somehow manages to talk and workout at the same time! All the classes have all ages, sizes, levels of fitness and are friendly, it takes a couple of sessions to get into the routine/moves (if you have Pilates or yoga knowledge it does help) but very quickly you are away, even if you don’t know your left/right like me!!!!

Emma M

I've only recently started Dianne's PiYo classes and thoroughly enjoy them. I'm rehabilitating after receiving serious leg injuries last September and do whatever my legs will currently allow, with Dianne adapting moves for me specific to my situation and, with each passing week, my confidence and ability improve a little.Also, the sessions are to music - and so much more fun than my (seemingly endless🤪🙄) rehab sessions at the gym! So, the classes are clearly both fun and therapeutic - for any age, state of health, or ability and, for me, particularly encouraging. 👍😊

Mary D


My piyo addiction started around 3 years ago now and my reason for giving it a go was to see if it could help with the recovery of a long standing (horse riding related) back injury which I was struggling with and receiving regular chiropractic treatment for. Although it is high intensity - Piyo is great as it can be modified to suit all aches and pains, all fitness levels and all ages! It has worked wonders for my back pain - thankfully I no longer require chiropractic treatment and amazingly I have been pain free for well over a year!!Dianne has been very supportive with my piyo journey and I always feel so much better after class.I would highly recommend giving piyo a go - classes are very friendly with a great atmosphere and has amazing health benefits😊💪

Rebecca G

I was looking for something for my body & mind, and found Dianne's Piyo classes.
I'd never done either Pilates or yoga before so was stepping way out my comfort zone.
She makes everyone welcome, is always smiling and makes the class fun even though it's hard work.
Her classes have been a great benefit to me, helping my self esteem while toning up my body.  I get a real buzz every class and hate to miss any.
She is a great teacher and her Piyo classes are brilliant😁
Keep up the great work Dianne

Jill O


I started doing piyo with Dianne 3 years ago, I love that piyo is a full body workout without doing lots of running around! It can be as easy or hard as you want it to be as Dianne modifies everything to suit people, I even managed to continue doing Piyo twice a week till I was 35 weeks pregnant with Dianne’s help, which I believe helped hugely with lots of the usual pregnancy problems. Dianne is a fab teacher and everyone should give piyo a go!

Laura N

I’ve recently found Piyo. I wanted to improve my core to help my horse riding. And within 3 months I have noticed a huge difference in my riding. I love my Wednesday nights. I don’t find it easy. I’m not coordinated at all. But Di explains and shows all routines and gives you adaptions. This allows me to tailor what I can do. Helpful and supportive every week.

Angie L


Dianne is experienced, enthusiastic and encouraging! Over the last 3.5 years since I started at her Piyo classes, I have appreciated her professional and friendly instruction. My health can vary greatly due to having Rheumatoid Arthritis but there are always lower impact modifications in the class. I have always found Dianne to be supportive and welcomes newcomers to class.

Kirsty B

I first knew Dianne through Zumba classes which I thoroughly enjoyed but then I went on to try Stretch and Flow which, I have to say I was dubious about, however I now find I am enjoying the classes immensely with increased movement and mobility. I am one of Dianne’s older ladies with several limitations due to age and other problems but have found that perseverance in the class is paying off for me, I doubt if I will ever be fully fit again but certainly, thanks to Dianne I am much better than I was and enjoying it.  I also look forward to getting back to Zumba at some stage.

Sheena C

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