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FAQs & Forms

Please remember not all exercises are suitable for everyone. Please make sure you are free from injuries, and only exercise when feeling well. Please only exercise if you are medically cleared to do so, if you have any injuries or conditions. Please ensure you are adequately hydrated before and after your workout, and make sure you have adequate space and ventilation as well as appropriate clothing and footwear.

Please contact me with any queries relating to classes.

All Covid-19 guidelines must be adhered to as advised to you before your in person session. These are regulations that my business must adhere to, so entry to classes can only be given if you agree with the conditions.

Before embarking on online classes, you will be required to fill in online waivers and the standard medical screeners for fitness classes as required. All information will be stored confidentially in accordance with GDPR guidelines. A copy of the forms required can be emailed direct to you and returned via email or post.

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