PiYo is a fusion of Pilates & yoga INSPIRED moves, mixed with functional bodyweight exercises, to bring you an energetic, fun workout that brings heaps of benefits.

Is it suitable for me?

The class is suitable for beginners, through to those who are currently very active and you can drop in at any point as I talk through every class, from start to finish. However, as with all group fitness classes, this class is only suited for those who are generally well and anyone with specific medical conditions or injuries should only participate if medically cleared for general exercise. For online classes, new starts are only accepted in the Stretch & Flow, however those who have previous PiYo experience are welcome to online PiYo!

Do I need anything?

PiYo requires no equipment other than a mat, however, I always have a few spares for face to face classes, so there is no need to rush out and buy one until you see if you enjoy the format or not! Other than that, all you need is water, a small towel, comfortable workout gear (nothing TOO baggy as this can drape in your face on floor moves!), and suitable footwear. Footwear is optional, you can go barefoot if that’s your preference, or wear grippy yoga type socks or flexible trainers.

How much are the classes?

Stretch & Flow PiYo classes are £5 with standard PiYo being £6 for Pay As You Go, there is however a block booking available on standard classes, of £20 for 4 sessions- these MUST be paid in advance, and used within 5 weeks or you lose out. Perfect for those who attend regular, or attend more than one class per week. Online classes are slightly cheaper.

What’s the difference between standard PiYo, and Stretch & Flow PiYo

Standard PiYo is a 60 minute, high energy, athletic, music driven workout combining strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, balance and cardiovascular exercises to give you a total fitness package that torches calories whilst preserving the joints.

Stretch & Flow is a 45 minute, less intense, slower paced, less complex class. It still gives you the same music driven class as PiYo, and the same benefits just at a slightly slower pace. We omit, the more intense sections in this class.

PiYo online classes are Mondays at 7pm and Wednesdays at 6pm

PiYo Stretch & Flow classes online are Tuesdays & Fridays at 9.30am

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