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Back to the norm? Not quite....

As the inevitability of summer tailing off and kids headed back to school, it now comes time for yet another class transition and the end of my summer timetable.

The shorter morning sessions that suited many in the lighter days are now phased out and the week ahead sees a slight change of timetable.

As the regulations have eased a good few have tailed off online classes completely and others have swapped to Zumba and/or Lifters, thus numbers have deteriorated hugely and now it pains me to say, but online classes are dangling by a thread.

It's a frustrating time for me given the amount of effort it has taken over the last 1.5yrs and the necessary addition of the lifters program to try and maintain a liveable wage, but with the majority of pre covid clients NOT transitioning online the numbers were never huge to begin with. A HUGE heartfelt thank you to all the amazing onliners who have supported me and my wee business throughout Covid, I honestly don't know where I'd have been without that support ❣️

I'll have a trial run at a return to online regular classes and take it week by week. So PLEASE if you're interested in joining me in any classes, PLEASE let me know so I can keep an eye on numbers and advise if unviable. If they continue to run at low numbers then I'll have to rethink how I can keep my business ticking over, and it may be that I need to explore a return to more face to face classes (although still very loathe to do so with the current trend in hospital admissions!).

For anyone interested, the below shows the timetable and price list for online sessions including the online access which is a library of recorded sessions and classes.

Please feel free to forward on or share with anyone who may be interested in joining our small online community in any way.

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