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Class Prices 

It’s Fun to Get Fit- whether face to face or even online. In person classes are as listed below. For those online I am live via Zoom and we get to see each other the whole time just like in a real class, or done through Facebook Live as a one way stream. You get real time feedback, support, encouragement and motivation, right to your home! Keeping you safe and active at home.


Payment can be made by BACS or Paypal. Online classes, with the exception of Lifters, are done via the Zoom app (free account).  

My clients can opt to subscribe on a weekly drop in basis to an All Access group which contains a video library of sessions including all class formats plus bonus extras of aerobics, yoga, hiit, abs, legs, Fusion etc... The library is pretty extensive and provides the option to move in your own schedule or when I'm on leave. If you're a regular please ask if you want more details on this offering. 


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