Class Descriptions

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Zumba is a fun filled, light-hearted workout with friends! You can go all out or take it's all up to you. Just lose yourself in the music and have fun! You won't believe you're actually working out!!

D.R Lift


D.R Lift, (formerly Lockdown Lifters)is my baby!

I have designed this programme to give maximum benefits from short, time efficient workouts.

This 8wk program is done in 2 x 4wk chunks, in a private Facebook group and delivered via a one way stream. This makes it extremely adaptable to your schedule.

Lifters comprises of 4 x 20min sessions per week plus an optional bonus session, recipe ideas, hints and tips and group support as well as ongoing support from myself!

It has proven extremely successful in delivering a whole range of benefits including strength, joint stability, flexibility, posture, confidence and reductions in general aches/pains.

Contact me now to query the next course and/or book your space!

PiYo Stretch and Flow

This is a 45 min less complex, less intense PiYo workout designed to help mobility, flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, endurance, agility and cardiovascular fitness. Movements are kept at a slightly slower pace than standard PiYo, and again, options are given to suit mobility levels.


Total Body Blast

This new class is highly adaptable and standing options are given for those not wishing/able to go to the floor. You can work to your own intensity level to make this workout your own!


Pilates is a low impact exercise system which aims at restoring balance & strength to the body, with a focus on core control and breath. The sessions use a 6 point method of delivery to give a powerful workout which is often used in rehabilitation. Pilates Intervals brings this format to an interval based class using a similar approach but giving more options to remain standing throughout. A great way of building fitness gently.

This is also delivered in a Pilates Intervals style to allow rest periods to build fitness/mobility or to make the session more suited to your needs. Standing options are given in Pilates Intervals whilst in Pilates we mix between floor work and standing.

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PiYo is a high energy, high intensity, joint friendly fusion of Pilates & yoga inspired moves, body-weight exercise and functional movements, combined in a rhythmic style workout to give you an athletic, total fitness package that is great as a standalone workout, or combined with your fitness/ training regime. You will work on flexibility, strength, balance, agility, coordination, endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Different options to progress or modify moves are given to suit a wide range of levels, and the whole class is talked through from start to finish so you can join at any time.