PiYo Live!

PiYo is a high energy, high intensity, joint friendly fusion of Pilates & yoga inspired moves, body-weight exercise and functional movements, combined in a rhythmic style workout to give you an athletic, total fitness package that is great as a standalone workout, or combined with your fitness/ training regime. You will work on flexibility, strength, balance, agility, coordination, endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Different options to progress or modify moves are given to suit a wide range of levels, and the whole class is talked through from start to finish so you can join at any time.

PiYo Stretch and Flow

This is a 45 min less complex, less intense PiYo workout designed to help mobility, flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, endurance, agility and cardiovascular fitness. Movements are kept at a slightly slower pace than standard PiYo, and again, options are given to suit mobility levels.

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Transform Live!

Transform Live is a 30min cardio conditioning class that uses a 3 tiered system of training for a total body workout that fires up your metabolism! Class can be done with or without the provided step, for added intensity, with options given to modify. It's fast, it's furious, it's fun. Are you ready to Transform?


Pilates is a low impact exercise system which aims at restoring balance & strength to the body, with a focus on core control and breath.

Weekly Schedule

Keep your eyes peeled for special pop up classes which can include Sunrise Yoga, Stretching, Foam Rolling, Ab workouts, Aerobics etc.,