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Are you a fan of DOMS?

No..... I'm not talking about a person! But if you're a regular exerciser you'll likely have heard the expression before!

What is DOMS? DELAYED ONSET MUSCLE SORENESS is a recognised issue and can strike any time from finishing a workout right up to a few days after it! Some people can feel its effects up to 5 days later! Why does it happen? It’s believed to be the effect of tiny micro tears in the muscle fibres, which is a normal process of muscle strengthening. The muscle tears and rebuilds stronger. Is it normal? This is a very common occurrence, particularly starting a new regime, working a new muscle group or on high energy workouts. How can I treat it? The NHS recommends rest, ice, painkillers and massage as treatments to try. I personally love an Epsom salt bath, but please make sure this is ok if you have any medical conditions due to the magnesium! Can I workout with DOMS? The good news is YES! It may even help. If it’s too painful, try exercising a different muscle group or going for a gentler approach. How can I prevent DOMS? By starting any new program gently and giving your muscles time to adapt to these new sessions may help. When should I seek medical help? The NHS recommends that you seek advice if pain becomes unbearable, you encounter severe swelling, or if your urine becomes very dark. Will it happen after every session? Probably not! But perhaps! It’s likely your muscles will adapt to the workouts as muscles become stronger.

So, are you a lover or a hater? Personally I love the feeling!

Check out the NHS website for more details on DOMS.

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Dianne Riddell Fitness #info

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