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Myo what now?

Myofascial Release is a form of self massage using tools and techniques to release tensions and tightness in the body's tissues.

Used in conjunction with stretch techniques*, body awareness practices*, movement optimisation techniques*, stability protocols* and strengthening exercises*, this can become a powerful tool for many!

This highly potent mix, can not only improve quality of life drastically, it can help improve joint restrictions, optimise movement patterns and unlock extra potential in the body's power. This makes it an ideal all rounder for those looking to reduce their daily niggles or those looking to unleash more power in their favourite sport!

My Thursday evening classes in Newtown Community Centre work using all of the above principles to deliver this approach on a global scale, whereas my 1 to 1 Corrective Exercise Therapy sessions guide you to implement a personalised plan using the results from your movement screener assessment to highlight areas moving sub optimumly.

R & R (Release & Realign) is a mainstream class for all at 5pm in Newtown on Thursdays whilst Men on Mats is a safe Men Only environment at 6.30pm ,also on Thursdays. Equipment is provided, you just need a mat! Booking is essential to due kit requirements. First class is £5 followed by £9 PAYG/£8 Block booking equivalent (terms apply).

*I am fully qualified in Exercise Therapy, The Biomechanics Method, Myofascial Release and Foam Rolling, Advanced Stretch Techniques, Pilates, Yoga and general fitness, alongside other disciplines and formats, and am a qualified Corrective Exercise Specialist.

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