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Houston We are Ready!

Ok, let's replace that with St Boswells shall we?

Zumba is returning in my first face to face class since March 2020 and my first Zumba class in well over 2yrs!

Nervous? Very. Excited? Extremely! Prepared? You wouldn't believe how prepared I am!

The hall is booked to go live on June the 7th at 6pm in this fantastic and fun 50min class. I am currently fully booked but let me know if this interests you and if regulations on numbers relax I can let you know of any spaces cropping up!

Of course, I have all the Covid precautions in place and all regulations are adhered to. I have your safety my number one priority, and although I'd rather not ask anything of you, I must require anyone booked who has symptoms or is awaiting test result, has had a positive test result or been asked to self isolate MUST NOT attend. Please keep in mind that any positive case in class WILL affect the whole class as well as my livelihood. So PLEASE , if in doubt, please stay home. Thank you for your understanding.

Ok, so ...who's excited?

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