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Lammer Law / Hopes Resevoir Circular 

Today we decided to take advantage of the forecast and head a slightly longer hike to test my knee out a bit more. I've discovered that it doesn't like steep descents (although it doesn't mind a steep ascent!). So after a wee bit research we headed for Blinkbonny Woods for our starting point to try out a 15k walk. We were surprised how many cars were along here, be aware there's not much in way of parking and you basically have to find a not too muddy spot at the verge. After getting the gaitors and boots on, we set off along the track away from the woods and towards the hills on this glorious last day of the decade!

Once onto the signposted track to Carfraemill, it wasn't long before we started reaping the benefits of the fantastic far reaching views, and being amused by the constant cackle of the grouse....of which there were many all the way!

We met quite a lot of folks heading down the hill as we continued upwards, this section of the walk seems to be pretty popular, maybe just the fact it was a beautiful afternoon.

We decided to head to the summit of Lammer Law- you can't come this close and not make the quick detour can you? The reward was definitely worth it with far reaching views in all directions from the trig point.

We headed back down from the summit to return to the track. Easy to follow and great walking surface, we continued to the gate in between two hills and took the track to the left.

This led us into a beautiful moorland where the sun created beautiful shadows. The colours were just amazing.

We followed the track down a fairly steep hill to the bottom of the valley crossing small burns again meandering through the valley in awe of the landscape which just kept producing.

Following the path round the side of the hill, we headed downwards once more, this time towards the picturesque Hopes Resevoir.

The reservoir buildings were beautiful, there were geese aplenty and pretty sure we saw an otter swimming about (that's where I kick myself for forgetting my camera!).

We continued following the path on past farm buildings and towards the wee minor road where we plodded on for the final couple of miles back to the car while appreciating the ever changing sky as the sun set. It was dark upon returning to the car. All cars were gone (except ours) and we were glad we'd packed torches! This is a fantastic walk for scenery.

Thankfully the knee behaved (phew) but kicking myself for forgetting the camera after spotting grouse, geese, hare, deer, buzzards and kestrels! Maybe next time huh?....

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