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New Program Launches Jan 21


Lockdown Lifters is a home weights program designed to fit into busy lives.

Designed by me and tested with a group of volunteers to check efficiency*, testers have reported benefits such as gains in strength, visible muscle tone, increased confidence with weights, reduction in body fat, and amazingly one volunteer has benefitted from a reduction in pain caused by long term issues 🙌

The program consists of 4 short workouts per week (20-25mins per session) over an 8wk period with a mix of floor & standing exercises. No two workouts are the same and sessions are done in a private FB group with a mix of live and recorded sessions that can be done in real time or on catch up when it suits your lifestyle. There will also be bonus sessions, tips and recipe ideas and an encouraging and supportive environment.

Each session consists of progressive weight training using dumbbells and a very short hiit component offering standing options for floor moves. The workout can be completely low/no impact and is a great introduction to weights. Each week builds on the previous so the build up is progressive.

Strength training has so many benefits particularly as we age including helping to build bone mass and increase muscular strength. Please check out the comments section below for more details from the American College of Sports Medicine. The program is suitable for those fit for general exercise.

Interested? Please let me know if you haven't already (you're welcome to reiterate 😊). Please like and share to spread the word🙏. Program will launch Tues 5th Jan 2021.

✨Special Early Bird Booking Cost £35 per 4wk block payable in advance. Cost will increase to £40 after 31 Dec 2020✨

Please message with any queries and feel free to spread the word 🙏

*Test group was for a period of 6wks and consisted of 4 short workout sessions per week and contained volunteers of mixed ages/abilities.

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