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1st Day of Winter!

So it's the first of December and it's a beautiful sunny but rather chilly, frosty morning. Looks like a beautiful day for a walk, so it's rude not to take advantage!

After a quick search online for something suitable (still gotta watch my dodgy knee!), we decided to head to Traquair for todays wee hike.

Starting off in the car park at the village hall, we donned our boots and gaitors and headed off up the road, taking in some of the frosty sights as we trekked more or less straight upwards!

We came to the Point of Resolution, which is a living sculpture. Quite cool to see the "circles" in the heather to then find out they were in fact massive, irregular ovals!

We kept following the path upwards til reaching the summit. By heck it was cold up there, so it was a very brief cuppa stop, but the views were AMAZING.

Due to my still dodgy knee, we retraced our steps to come back down (and it still decided it wasn't happy with this!). There's a while new outlook when coming downhill, and a new appreciation of the views as we headed back down to the car.

This walk was approximately 5.5 miles (and pretty icy as you can see).

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