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Buckholm Circular

Todays wee wander took us to Galashiels and the Buckholm Circular, which was a fab wee 6 miler starting from the Heatheryett Car Park.

It was an absolutely glorious day, the sun was shining and it was lovely and mild- a great day for a walk for sure.

The first section led us uphill til the track ran out and we reached the base of the hill. We were almost immediately met by amazing views over the town.

As we made our way around the hill, Mr R spied a couple of deer ahead. We stopped to watch them as they sussed us out and then off they went. However it wasn't long before I spotted another one on the hill and managed to sneak a photo (or 6!), and then a majestic buzzard soared into sight. I love nature days ♥️

We followed the track towards the ruins at Buckholm but didn't go in, it kinda felt too much like someone's garden!

Again we continued on through very muddy tracks as the sun started setting. There's some beautiful views en route to take in.

We headed onwards, still skirting the base of the hill til we came to the road,. Here we turned left and followed the road til we came to the woods and headed through the entrance, choosing not to head to Dobie's Grave and instead continue upwards.

Kinda thinking the swimming pool could do with a clean out ....😂

Upon reaching the top of the woods we were once more faced with beautiful views.

This is where we headed downhill, again through muddy tracks, all the way to the golf course. We then followed the burn til we headed briefly round the base of the golf course to the steps down to the bridge.

We crossed a further bridge after this one and were soon back in the car park.

If you're doing this walk, definetly take gaitors. We thankfully had them on from the start, there's a lot of muddy sections but it's a lovely walk with some fabulous views!

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