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Dryhope Tower & Blackhouse  Tower Circular

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

What better way to take advantage of a cool, dry, autumn day than to head out for a wee walk.

A great way to dust off the cobwebs on a day off. You really can't beat the peace of the hills to recharge the soul!

So we headed up Yarrow in the car and parked in a layby near St Mary's Loch.

The first stretch was on the road, thankfully it was very quiet! Then followed the signposts off road into a field. After navigating some pretty muddy sections we followed the tracks to Dryhope Tower under the watchful gaze of the cows. The tower is fully accessible and fascinating with fantastic views from the top.

We left Dryhope and followed the track uphill taking in some beautiful views back towards the loch and through the hillsides. Such a peaceful day.

After crossing a larger burn, we headed to check out the ruins of Blackhouse Tower. No access into this one, more overgrown, but still great to see and wonder on how it was used way back....

And then it was back onto a track through the hills enjoying the setting sun's moody light.

We headed back towards the road under the watchful gaze of more livestock. They were even hiding in the bushes 😂

A short walk along the side of the road that led us back to the car for a well earned cuppa after a blissful 6 miles

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