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Glenshiel Banks & Loch Eddy

So, it's time to get back to the walks. It's been a strange old time of late, and with restrictions we have been missing our wanderings. So we filled the rucksacks with our picnic and gear and headed off to find our starting point of a walk I've been wanting to do for a while now.

There's really not much space for parking here, but we were lucky. Also this is a private estate so we were very mindful of gates/santizing as we're easing out of restrictions.

We spotted a few wee chirpys along the first section which led us up a farm track. A wheatear, pipit and white wagtail all crossed our path.

We continued up the track, passing lots of beautiful cottages and the house itself, and found ourselves gently trekking uphill. It wasn't long before we were blessed with stunning views down the gorge to the loch.

We plodded onwards finally heading down, where a house appeared through the trees. We continued past here and crossed the burn then totally lost the path! But that's normal for us 😂 After a short spell of bracken louping we soon found it and rejoined it to follow the burn downhill. This was a beautiful wee section. So lush and green.

We soon came across the loch. Which was absolutely beautiful and serene. We decided to make use of the bench at the boat house for part one of our picnic lunch.

We discovered a few peculiar wee flowers at the side of the loch, which we later discovered were monkeyflowers. As we finished off our rolls a family came rowing back from their fishing trip so a quick hello as they neared the boathouse and we packed up and headed away so we could remain socially distant.

It wasn't long before we spied a beautiful wee waterfall, so decided this is where we would finish our picnic. There were a few big birds circling, unsure what as they were a bit too high.

After lunch we headed back on track, which was very pleasant and continued the blissfully quiet theme. There were lots of HUGE trees here and we happened upon a few wee quirky features along the way. One of which looked like part of a mausoleum with a beautiful inscription on the stunning window. This was right at the end of a tree lined avenue ♥️

We continued up the track again passing the big house. Absolutely love seeing all the features on the old buildings.

All in all a thoroughly peaceful, beautiful, lush green walk (approx 4.5/5.5 miles). It certainly didn't disappoint and both Mr R and I enjoyed it and won't hesitate to return.

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