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Sooo good I bought 2!!

You cant beat that feeling of a new pair of leggings if you're a fitness fan like myself! I LIVE in my leggings! They're very forgiving! Finding a pair with pockets was my main mission recently to enable me easy access to my phone camera during walks. I was looking for something comfy and stylish and didn't think I'd get this quite so cheaply!

After hours perusing and checking reviews, I have to say I was bit sceptical to find a pair sub £20 on Amazon that seemed to get great reviews and looked quite nice!

A few clicks later and oopsy, the parcel was being prepared to ship out. I received my first pair of blue leggings within a few days, just in time for a hike and wild camp up Dollar Law (and that didn't disappoint with a stunning sunset and beautiful mist!)

The new leggings went down a treat in comfort and practicality. It was super hot on the steep climb up but no problem for these comfy beasts! And the 2 large side pockets were amazing!

Anyhoo, I quickly ordered another pair after a quick hunt for some groovy patterns, and came across the camo version.....again, absolutely delighted with these and they had their first outing, another hike and wild camp up the Ettrick Valley hills last week- yet another stunning sky! Yet again, comfy legs!

Here I am posing in the very leggings.....ok, you may not can tell hehe. But if you're after a super comfy, well priced pair of leggings with pockets feel free to have a wee look at the link below*..... I think I'm eyeing up the leopard print next, what do you think?

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

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