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What is
Exercise Therapy?

Exercise Therapy is a specialism which allows me to work privately or in small groups with you to help rehabilitate common injuries or movement restrictions. The training course I attended was written by physiotherapists and lead clinical pilates practitioners so you can be assured it earns it's level 4 status.

Following a movement screener, we will work through a program of release, mobility & pilates based therapy exercises going right back to basics to relearn correct movement patterns and retrain the brain to accept these as normal. You WILL be expected to invest time on daily mini sessions to further reinforce these new movement patterns as normal.

This service will be launching soon. Please get in touch to discuss if you feel this is a service you may benefit from.

Why Corrective Exercise Therapy?

You take your car to the garage as you've noticed your front tyres are scrubbing on one side.The tyre fitter suggests a lovely new pair and to get the tracking fixed. But you're in a hurry and haven't got time to hang about too long today. So you instruct him to pop the new tyres on (against his protest) so you can shoot off and be on with your day. You're a busy person! Apart from the time you've saved, you've saved an extra few pounds too. Bonus, but in no time at all, you're back at the garage. Tyres heavily scrubbing again and the car just isn't handling well at all. You do a lot of miles, you haven't got time for this! Again, the fitter explains you need to fix the tracking to sort out the handling and tyre problems. He shows you just how much your wheels are out of alignment. It's quite easy to see once pointed out, why the tyres have been scrubbing and why the handling has been awful! Fix the alignment and the tyres will last soooo much longer, and the car will handle better- leave it and things will deteriorate.....See where I'm going with this? Your body sometimes requires corrections and realignment to help with issues caused by imbalances or dysfunctional movement patterns. Leave the issues and the problems can get worse. Work on reprogramming movements and you can help preserve your body a bit longer and maybe even have a better journey. After all... there's no point investing in the tyres and not fixing the wheel alignment is there? Please feel free to share this information with anyone who may benefit from Corrective Exercise Therapy.


Corrective Exercise Therapy is a holistic approach that can have huge impacts on range of movement, quality of life and daily activities. 

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