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7 Day Festive Fitmas Fiesta

It's not too late to join my online group for 7 days of variety workouts to get you moving again. Each session is different and short, ranging on average from 15 to 2tmjns with one session being 30mins. The workouts are:

1 Mobility Session

1 Cardio Hiit

1 Pilates & Yoga Hiit Protocol

1 Weights Accumulator

1 Stretch & Flow Remix

1 Full Body Blitz and

1 Yuletide Yoga

The sessions are suitable for anyone who is generally fit & well with no injuries or contraindicated conditions and it's only £10 for the 7 workouts. There will be a few days at the end to revisit or catch up and current clients get a discount. Message me now if you'd like to join.

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