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Happy New Year! Happy New Decade! 

A Photo Guide

Yesterday's hike was a trial on the knee, and all went fine, however it was a bit stiff this morning and I didn't wanna chance fate so we went exploring instead!

Places we've often seen from the road on our drives but never stopped to check out! Until today.

Our first stop was Greenknowe Tower near Gordon. There's very handy parking right beside it and it's handily placed right beside the road. The tower is a beautiful building with many interesting features; cellar, fireplaces, closets, winding staircase, turrets....the list is endless. I'm not an architect or historian, but I do love to see these amazing structures and imagine how they were originally used. I'll pop some of my photos on and you can let your imagination take over.

Well, in such a beautiful surrounding it would be a shame not to, wouldn't it?

Anyhoo, after a lovely exploration of the building and all it's quirky features, we headed to the next stop off. Hume Castle. Or what's left of it.

Not much to this ruin, other than a shell and a viewpoint, but it's still worth a wee stop off if you're nearby, particularly on a clear day where the views are amazing!

It's also worth noting that the car park here is small. We got the last of the 4 spaces thankfully. Our visit was cold and windy but it was still great to see the imposing walls of this once great structure and appreciate the magnificent views in all directions.

Oops, sorry, felt like a bit of a warrior 😉 !!

We left Hume Castle and headed onwards to our third and final destination for the day! Twizel Castle. Isn't that just a fantastic name?

Again, I've seen this ruin perched above the clifftop many times, so it was fab t take time out and climb the hill to check this out!

This is a massive structure, very mystical and a bit more to investigate, although it is fenced off to discourage further damage. We carefully found our way in and had a respectful investigation of this beautiful building. If only it could speak.....

Again, worth noting there's not much parking here by the bridge, maybe enough for 3 cars, but again we managed to get a space.

Once you park up, head through the gates and uphill (a small steep climb here). You'll soon see the castle emerge through the trees....

This is a beautiful ruin, I bet it could tell many a story....

We left Twizel Castle and headed back towards the car taking a few minutes to take in Twizel Bridge and the beautiful fading daylight.

So, that was our New Years Day 2020. I hope you've had a great day too. Happy New Year! Here's to many more walks and explorations in the coming year.

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