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More Zumba? Yes please!

I have the chance to hold a morning Zumba class in St Boswells Village Hall on a Thursday morning if enough interest. Class would be 10am til 10.50am so if of interest I need you to let me know asap. This would likely start on 15th July and all Covid regulations would be adhered to, just as I do in the Monday evening class there.

Light hearted and fun, this class is designed to get you moving how YOU want to. Energetic? Go for it, bounce your heart out. Need to take things gentler? No problem, just modify anything you need to. Need to sit out a track or two to ease into it? That's perfectly fine! This class is for mixed levels and anyone who is medically cleared and generally fit and well. We don't take ourselves too seriously. We boogie. We wiggle. We get our heart rates up. And most importantly we smile!

Please get in touch to register interest and feel free to spread the word.

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