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My top tips for Vibram FiveFingers

As an avid wearer of Vibram FiveFingers, I often get asked about them in classes by people curious to try them.

So I thought I'd run through a few of my tips for buying these amazingly comfy funny shoes (I like to call them my freaky feet 😂).

First and foremost, when looking at buying some it's important to remember these are fairly expensive footwear, however once used to them you'll probably find them to have so many benefits!

I've found wearing them in my stretch type, non impact classes, I not only get better flexibility on my feet and ankles, which have resulted in stronger feet requiring generally less shoe support, but I also get much better grip ( as some of you might have noticed, I can get a bit sweaty when the intensity rockets 😉). They also protect my feet from bits of dirt on the floor, or heaven forbid things like verruccas! Let's face it, nobody wants those!

So first tip is, try toe socks first! If you can't wear those because you don't like the feeling, chances are you won't like the shoes! Save a few quid by getting a cheap pair of toe socks and test them out! If you're ok, pop the socks in the bag as a spare in class if you forget your vibrams!

Second tip- think about what you want them for. There are HEAPS of styles to choose from, but remember things like toggles when feet are uncurled in poses like child's pose or upward facing dog, can be a bit uncomfortable. So for me, the elastic or slip on styles are my go to!

Third tip, don't go by your normal shoes size! Take a bit time to pop on the official vibram site and check out their size guide, which generally means measuring your feet and taking it from there. You don't want these to be too loose, I speak from experience, this is a real pain in classes when you're swapping position and sometimes feel your shoes are gonna fly off!

Fourth tip is- shop about. Wait til sales, special offers etc or check out eBay. Some people can't cope with toes on their footwear (and that takes me back to tip one 😂). I like Amazon sales, but have also bought from a company called Feetus. eBay is hit or miss, but don't panic about hygiene- check out the next tip for this!

Fifth tip - Now disclaimer here- I don't know if you're SUPPOSED to do this, but this works for ME. Please follow your shoe care advice included with your purchase!- but I pop my vibrams in the machine in a cool gentle wash, first spraying the inside with Dettol spray and letting it soak in for a few minutes. It's worked for me for a few years now but again I AM NOT sugesting you do this, merely letting you know what I do! If I recall, there are specific wash instructions also on the vibram site. Check it out. You can also buy little socks for under your vibrams (I've just bought a pair to try and reduce the amount of washing!).

Sixth tip- wear them about the house to get used to putting them on, they can be fiddly but you'll soon get the knack.

Lastly, enjoy your new found freaky feet, I find them so comfy I have several pairs and often pop them in my holiday bag for boffing about or on the beach 😍 I even have a dressy pair for with nicer outfits.

Got Vibram FiveFingers? What's your top tips? How did you find adjusting to them? Let me know in the comments below...

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