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Sunday's Wee Wander

Boredom set in today so I searched the internet for a short, localish walk and plumped for Innerleithen waterside & Pirn Hill Fort figure 8 loop.

It was only 4 miles but some stunning views and a gentle meander for a Sunday afternoon.

We parked at the car park along Leithen Road, luckily getting the last space which seems to be a popular spot with the mountain bikers.

And off we trotted in search of the wee bridge to start our journey.

The trail is well marked and upon crossing the bridge we headed uphill to the left to follow the path through the woods. It led us easily straight along the water to the golf course where we then headed left and caught the path back down the waterside. It's a very easily navigated walk with lots of beautiful views.

This particular path led us more or less straight back to the bridge where we once more crossed but headed to the right following the blue waymarkers to the hill fort. We chose to reach the summit by meandering along the back of the hill (or decision was made due to a large family group heading the other direction). We reached the summit to beautiful views in all directions and a stunning array of artwork. However due to the rather noisy group we didn't hang about and headed back down the opposite track this time heading straight down and along the bottom track.

There's a great network of paths here, just keep your eyes peeled for the mountain bikers (we came across only a few cheery ones but looks like it's used a lot!). Again this took us right back to the bridge and along to the car park.

If you're after a lovely lazy day walk, this could be it. Slight climbs but not too bad, fantastic views and you can add extra loops on! Or take bits off.

If you're enjoying my blog, please drop a comment below, share with friends or hit the like button. If you've done any of the walks please let me know if you enjoyed ☺️

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