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Therapy Exercise Small Group Sessions


I'm looking to start a 6wk block of small group Therapy Exercise sessions in January on a Friday evening in Selkirk. If of interest please read all the information below:

👉The sessions would be an hour although the first session would include a pre session basic movement screener which would require a little extra time.

👉The sessions would work on specific areas such as shoulders, trunk, hip, knee and ankle.

👉 You WILL be required to do daily exercises at home to reinforce good movement patterns. This would be approx 5-10mins three or four times daily and is a MUST as part of your therapy plan.

👉I will provide you with a home plan and video instructions on how to perform the releases.

👉Please note you must be medically clear for exercise. If in any doubt please consult your GP prior to commencing any program.

👉 You will need some basic items of kit in order to do your home sessions. I can supply you with a list or I can provide a full kit for you. The cost would likely be around £30 for everything needed.

👉There will be a maximum of 6 people in the group sessions and for those happy to, I will be offering hands on corrections (following covid protocols). If you are not comfortable with a hands on approach then we can work round this.

👉All covid guidelines will be followed and you will be expected to follow certain procedures (mask upon entry/exit, sanitizing, hand hygiene, vigilant of symptoms).

👉As a special launch offer, cost would be £78 for the 6 sessions. This must be paid to confirm your booking once times confirmed nearer launch.

❓Interested or have questions? Drop them below or get in touch.

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